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Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening Review

June 25, 2018 by Ronda

I have always been happy with the shape of my teeth, but not excited about the color. Although I have experienced some success with whitening toothpastes and other methods of teeth whitening, after years of use, at a certain angle my teeth still look cream color. That's embarrassing! I was offered an opportunity to try the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System . What interested me most about this whitening system was that it includes custom-fitted trays, so the whitening gel stays in place while you whiten.


Follow the instructions provided in the kit to properly make your dental impressions. The directions include the dos and don'ts when mixing and biting down on the blue paste. You get three sets of catalyst/base containers because somehow they know you'll mess up the first imprint. But trust me, after you mess up on your first imprint, you'll do a good job on the next. See how great my imprints turned out in the photos below...

Disclaimer: This review is my own honest opinion of this product.

Included in the kit is a prepaid package for you to mail your imprints to Smile Brilliant. A week later, I received my custom-fitted trays.
Whitening Experience (Days 1 - 5)

The instructions state to squeeze a thin line of the
whitening gel across the bottom front of the custom-fitted trays. I placed what I thought was a small amount but a little still ended up on my gums, so I wiped it off. Unfortunately, just like I did with teeth whitening strips I tried in the past, I ended up swallowing my saliva, which meant I swallowed some of the whitening chemicals. It resulted in a sore throat, and bottom jaw pain for over a week. Not to mention chemical burns on my lips. In my before pictures on the left, you can actually see some of the peeling skin on my lips (look near the edges).

I was ready to quit using the system, even although I was eager to see if it worked. After a visit to my dentist to make sure there wasn't an issue with my teeth, I was told ways I can use the product without having further damage.
Note: Smile Brilliant has multiple systems and package content quantities available.


  • T9 Non-Sensitive System (heavy stains) for individuals who have darker stained teeth and no natural sensitivity. Smokers and/or those who drink coffee, tea, or wine often.
  • T6 Non-Sensitive System (average stains) for individuals who have average stained teeth and no natural sensitivity. Those who drink coffee, tea, or wine often.
  • T9 Non-Sensitive System (light stains) for individuals who have light stained teeth and no natural sensitivity. Nonsmokers who have whitened previously. Those who drink coffee, tea, or wine occasionally or not at all.


  • T9 Sensitive System (heavy stains) for individuals who have darker stained teeth. Smokers and/or those who drink coffee, tea, or wine often or have stains due to childhood meds. For those who have heightened tooth sensitivity which will require more sessions (shorter duration).
  • T6 Sensitive System (average stains) for individuals who have average stained teeth. Those who drink coffee, tea, or wine often and/or those with sensitivity to cold food/drinks or those who cannot use other whitening products due to aching teeth.
  • T9 Sensitive System (light stains) for individuals who have light stained teeth. Nonsmokers who have whitened previously and experienced teeth sensitivity or a natural sensitivity to cold food/drinks. Those who drink coffee, tea, or wine occasionally or not at all.
First things first, make sure my lips fully heel and throat and jaw pain go away completely before restarting the whitening process. What I experienced is not that different from what some others have experienced when using home whitening kits, even some who have had their whitening done at a dentist office. Luckily I didn't experience any teeth sensitivity, the desensitizing gel worked well, but I have to be careful not to swallow ANY of the whitening gel. Also, instead of daily use, I will have to use it every 2 - 3 days which will obviously lengthen the time it will take for me to notice any changes.

NOTE: In the package are multiple forms that provide useful, detailed information and directions for using the whitening system. Take my advice, read it all, don't skim through as I originally did. Had I paid attention to the directions, I would have known from the very beginning to place the gel on the inner FRONT of the teeth trays (NOT the bottom front of the tray), so the gel wouldn't rise in the back of my teeth and be easily swallowed.

Giving it another try

Using the Smile Brilliant Whitening System again, I would start the process an hour after my last meal for the day, instead of right before bedtime. I'm intermittent fasting, so not only am I more alert when whitening this time of day, it's further motivation to keep me from eating again for the rest of the night. I added a really thin layer of whitening gel to the tray. Before placing it over my teeth, I covered my gums with a bit of Vaseline. I placed the trays on my teeth and had no issues of the product touching my gums or tasting it when the solution rose.

Each syringe provided 5 uses for me (top and bottom). Instructions say to whiten for at least 45 minutes (you can whiten up to 3 hours), then desensitize for 20 minutes. I kept the whitening trays in for an hour and 15 minutes. To make sure I didn't make the mistake of swallowing any of the whitening gel again, I kept a paper cup nearby so I can spit whenever needed. So far, everything went well.

I started the week by using the system every two days. By day five, since I had no complications, no accidental swallowing of the whitening product, no gum or teeth sensitivity, etc., I felt OK using it daily. The website says users should start noticing a difference after 7 - 14 uses. I used it 9 days straight before taking an updated 'smile photo'.  

This is after 9 uses. I see a difference, do you?

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