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iTeknic Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale Review

November 21, 2018 by Ronda

"This device is based on BIA (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis) technology.
To measure body bio-electrical impedance, it makes the results much more accurate
with new measuring technology. The reason is that human body fat is not conductive, but muscle and water are good conductors. The device measures human body bio-electrical impedance to calculate the composition of human body." - iTeknic

This is no ordinary digital scale! It's the first scale I've tried that includes an app and wi-fi! It's also the first with information so in-depth.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

iTeknic Bluetooth Smart Scale
For proper weight measurements, here's a summary of some of the requirements, which can be found in the iTeknic instruction manual:

  • Test yourself around the same time and conditions daily.
  • Make sure you're barefoot and your feet are not dirty.
  • Use on a hard, flat surface.
  • Do not weigh yourself when sick, after a shower, sauna or bath, after heavy drinking, engorgement or strenuous exercise.

According to the manual, those factors may cause inaccurate results, which is reasonable.

After downloading the app, I understand and like this scale even more. Following your weight posting on the scale, you hear a tone on the app. You are then given a multitude of information. It displays your weight, BMI, Body Fat %, Visceral Fat, Body Water, Skeletal Muscle %, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein %, BMR, and Metabolic Age. It's embarrassing, especially being overweight, to see that the metabolic age is so many years older than my actual age, but it is necessary and motivating to have it on screen, right in front of me.

It took no longer than 1 minute to download and set up the app. Just enter your basic information (age, sex, height), and the scale does the rest. You have the option of connecting it to your fitbit or google fit apps, so it can track your workouts and body changes even more accurately. You can view each of your changes on graphs.

Everyone in your household can track their own weight and body changes, because the scale permits multiple profiles. I definitely recommend this scale for everyone, whether you're on a fitness journey or not.


  •    【Health Monitor of 11 Body Parameters】Thanks to the advanced BIA technology, now our digital scale can quickly catch your body health condition every day by calculating your Weight, Body fat, Fat-free Body Weight, BMI, Body water, Metabolic age, Skeletal Muscle, Protein, Subcutaneous Fat, BMR, Bone mass, Muscle Mass data, monitor your overall health and provide vital information for altering your diet and fitness regime

  •    【Interactive Fitness App in Smart Phone】Comes with free download iTeknic APP. Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 + & IOS 7.0 + supported. Data would be stored in the scale and synchronized to the app once connected for scientific healthy analyzing and reporting or feeds data to Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit. The scale will recognize users' data automatically. Unlimited Users and Friends can be settled in one app for individual data checking, free to share your progress on Twitter, Facebook etc.

  •    【Easy to Use with High Accuracy】This is an Auto on/off & Auto-calibration functioned measure scale, with 2 high-precision sensors and 4 high-sensitivity electrodes for outstanding measurement. Simply step on it, you can get accurate and detailed results quickly. Up to 180kg capacity meet most users' needs. 3 AAA batteries are included to support over 2-3 month's daily usage. Have questions? FAQs and 17 Kinds of Languages are always here to help you in the APP.

  •    【Ergonomic Design with Elegance】We enlarged the LED display for easier reading. 30x30cm faceplate serves for more users with large feet size. With tempered glass surface, it is not only easy to clean and take little space to store, but also adding a special elegance to your life with stylish outlook. All history records can be displayed as diagrams and numbers and be checked by data kinds and time (am, pm, all day, week, month and year)

  •    【24 Hour Friendly After-sales Service】iTeknic Scale is FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS approved, aimed at giving you a reliable safe user experience. With 12+12 months warranty, your satisfaction will be great supported again! Free returning or replacement for product problems within 30 days.Our team is dedicated to respond quickly and efficiently to all questions and needs. Please feel free to contact us if there is any issue about it