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Emior Breakthrough Anti-Aging Skin Care

January 31, 2018 by Ronda

I have allergies and have been known to ruin a good makeup job because of the need to rub my eyes. In many of my photos, I can also be seen squinting. I've been warned countless times about the way I mistreat my sensitive eyelids. I can be pretty rough and that rough treatment has led to fine lines around my eyes. I'm only in my 30s. Anti-aging creams have never been of big importance to me, but I don't want to look older than I am. More importantly, I don't want to look worn and tired. That's why I was interested in the opportunity to try Emior's Breakthrough Anti-Aging Skin Care .

Disclaimer: The following post is my own opinion of the Emior skin care products mentioned. This post contains affiliate links.

Emior Breakthrough Anti-Aging Skin Care
Included in the package:

  • Anti-Aging Serum - "combines powerful antioxidants that boost collagen production and prevent visible signs of aging".

  • Fruit Exfoliator - "skin resurfacing treatment that removes dull, dead cells and increases skin suppleness".

  • Gel Cleanser - "to strike a balance between removing dirt and revitalizing skin cells".

  • Eye Cream - "an ultra-rich cream that renews the area around your eyes".
Emior Breakthrough Anti-Aging Skin Care
Emior Breakthrough Anti-Aging Skin Care

To track the changes (if any), I have included a photo taken a few weeks ago that shows the lines around my eyes. I know having some lines around the eyes is normal for people of any age, but occasionally mine appear excessive. I also have dark circles and large pores. For the next month, my skin care routine will involve using these Emior products strictly.

It is a 4-step process.

As directed, I'll start with the Gel Cleanser, which fights acne and breakouts, reduces oil production, and minimizes pores. All things I can definitely use help with.

Step-2 is to use the Fruit Exfoliator once daily, which is said to revive the skin, restore its glow and reduce fine lines and sun damage. I live in FL, I am exposed to the sun often. I wear sunscreen, but still notice the occasional dark patches as if I missed a spot.

Step-3 is to use the Anti-Aging Serum on my face and neck. The job of the serum is to reduce dark spots, even out wrinkles and uneven skin tone and brighten the skin.

Lastly, use the Eye Cream. The eye cream moisturizes, lifts and firms the skin around the eyes, while also reducing puffiness.


I love the packaging. The tubes, pump and even the boxes they were each in looks high end. The products have differing, but nice scents. The only item from the set that doesn't have a scent is the eye cream. After five days of trying these products, I decided to discontinue use of one item in the bundle.

The Fruit Exfoliator Usually, an exfoliator on the face should only be used every few days, once or twice a week. However, on the tube it states to use it once a day in the morning and mentions in the last line of the directions that it can be used twice a day.

It left a waxy film feeling on my skin after washing it off. To use it as suggested and then apply the serum, my skin didn't feel clean. After changing the order and using the Gel Cleanser after the exfoliator, my skin felt clean and refreshed, ready to be moisturized.

Gel Cleanser I like it. It smells similar to my body wash and left me with a clean, cool feeling.

The Anti-Aging Serum Light Doesn't feel heavy on the face. It's a cream color and only takes 2-3 pumps (small amount in your palms) to cover your face and neck.

Eye Cream Also light, and one teeny squeeze of the tube provides enough to cover the eyes. It can be used twice a day.

I intended to update this post at the end of February after using them all for a month, so I can provide a thorough review. Unfortunately my skin didn't react well to it. I had little itchy bumps all over my face and neck. I believe it was a result of the fruit exfoliator.

I have decided to discontinue use of the exfoliator and continue using the other three. If I continue to have more bumps form on my face, I will stop using the Emior set completely, but to give it a fair shot I want to see how well the other products work on their own.

Update #1 (2/14/18).

It has been two week since I began using the Emior Breakthrough Anti-Aging Skin Care Bundle. After my previous experience with the fruit exfoliator, I decided not to use it again, but continued using the other three products. It took nearly a week for my skin to return to normal and or most of the bumps/rash to go away. I haven't had any other negative skin reactions in regards to Emior. So I know, my skin is way too sensitive for their exfoliator.

As of now, I don't see any noticeable changes to the lines around my eyes. But it has only been two weeks, so I'm hoping to have positive results to report at my next update (which will include photos).

Update #1 (2/28/18)

I have used the Gel Cleanser, The Anti-Aging Serum, and Eye Cream for 28 days. No skin issues to report as a result, but I also do not have any noticeable changes. That does not mean this product doesn't work. It just did not work for me.

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