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CAP Barbell Deluxe Bench with 100 Pound Weight Set Review

January 3, 2015 by Ronda

I've been looking for a sturdy weight bench for my husband, but one in my budget that can still give us the features we need. I was seriously considering Gold's Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench (still considering it), but I would have to buy the bar and weight plates separate which I didn't want to do. I came across the CAP set (currently under $100), which wouldn't take up as much space, which means I wouldn't have to get rid of my elliptical. As always, I check for multiple reviews from multiple sellers and website, looking at the good but focusing on what the negative reviewers had to say. This way, I'll know if the purchase is even worth it.

This set in particular had 4 out of 5 stars from 255 people. Not bad. One of the usual complaints was that the user was too big for it. The complaints mentioned the users height, not width, so I was a bit confused and figured it's just not for tall guys. My husband is of average height, 5'8" - 5'9" so I thought it would work fine for him.

Upon arrival, I was upset. The shipping company dropped it at my front door like trash and the box was broken with multiple holes. It was obvious parts of the set fell out of the box and two of the weights had dents and scratches, as if it rolled out of the truck and the driver just tossed it back in the box. I was fuming, so I immediately called the store to report the condition I received a Christmas item in and was issued a partial refund which made me feel a bit better. I knew because of the condition, there was no way I would wait for my husband to get home to surprise him with them bench, so I put it together.

CAP Barbell Deluxe Bench with 100 Pound Weight Set Review
CAP Barbell Deluxe Bench with 100 Pound Weight Set Review

The instructions were just photos and numbers, but I'm used to assembling items so I thought it was still simple to put together. Luckily all parts were there. Total assembly time was about a half an hour.

  • Total weight of product in box is 140 lbs.
  • 100 lbs of weight plates (4-20 lb weights, 2-10 lb weights).
  • Exercise Chart (shows how to do full body workout which includes bicep curls, military press, upright row, dips, bench press, incline press, leg extensions, hamstring curls and bicycle exercises).
  • Support rod and locking pin which allows you to place the back rest on four different levels.

  • My husband's used to bench pressing at the gym. Products made for homes tend to be compact, which is great, but I wasn't expecting the width of the bar to be so compact. It's not as wide as he is used to so he had to make adjustments. But, he's still able to bench with no problem.
  • The bar is made in two pieces, with roll pins inserted to keep it together. Because of this, I wouldn't add much more weight to it. This is also a reason I'm considering purchasing the Gold's Gym bench because it seems a lot stronger and wider, perfect for someone who likes to lift heavy. I will also buy one heavy bar that can handle at least 200 lbs. of weight. My husband is happy with this bench for now, because he doesn't want his arms to get too big, but I know later he may change his mind. If we ever decide to go bigger, I won't get rid of the CAP bench, I'll just add it to backyard, where I plan to keep some of our "cheaper" gym products for an outdoor gym.
  • The seat and back rest is not as wide or cushioned as I would like it to be. But, I guess for the price, we cannot expect too much.

Final thoughts:
I like this bench, it's perfect for all 5'3" of me and my kids were able to use the base for leg presses which they enjoyed. I did worry about how my husband would feel about it, because of the issues we came across, but he doesn't consider them to be a big deal. After calling customer service to report the condition it arrived in, I was told I could return it at any time if I'm not happy with it, which helped me decide to keep it.

For under $100, it's sturdier than I expected (I think the fact that it's on carpet helps). However, if you're an active, heavy lifter, this is not the bench for you. Also, if you're over 220 lbs, you may also want to consider another stronger bench, because the width and lack of cushion may be really uncomfortable.

Here's to sticking with a New Year Resolution!!!