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Beaute La Royale Face Brush Kit Review

April 24, 2015 by Ronda

I've always wanted a cleansing brush, so I was really excited to receive the Beaute La Royale Brush Kit. The price is affordable on, where it's currently available at under $30. More importantly, once you place the 4 required AA batteries into the cordless rotating machine, it's evident how powerful this tool really is! What I like is that this kit comes with more than just the standard facial brush, which is the way other brands are usually sold.

The Beaute La Royale comes with:

  • A waterproof and cordless rotating machine
  • A facial brush
  • A large body brush
  • Serum and moisturizer applicator sponge
  • A pumice stone
  • A free cosmetics bag
  • Most importantly, a Lifetime Guarantee

Since I am using Mía Mariú's Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser which requires circular movements, I decided to test the effectiveness of the facial brush too. It worked great! Here's how I used each piece.

Facial Cosmetic Sponge: I noticed that when I applied the foaming gel to the my face first and use the facial sponge with the brush kit, there is no foam on my face. In order for the cleanser to foam, I applied the foaming gel cleanser directly onto the moist sponge, wet my face with water, then "brushed" my face. The sponge is incredibly soft, but durable. Afterward I washed the soap off the sponge and it went back to its regular shape and color, just like any other sponge.

Small Face Brush: After the foam, I wanted to see what would happen with the face brush. No longer was there any foam, but I did start to feel refreshed when using this exfoliating tool on my face and neck. I received the same benefit when trying the Large Body Brush on my legs. I have "dots" on my legs, they look like ingrown hairs that do not grow outward, so it's as if they're trapped in my pores forming dots all over. I will continue to use this brush in the hopes that the "dots" decrease.

Pumice Stone: I didn't use the pumice stone on my face, but I did use it on my neck and cleavage area (pulse (on and off)), because I have issues there with rough skin/hyperpigmentation. It's also great for elbows, feet and other rough areas of the body.

My Opinion: This is a great tool that will get a lot of use. The only thing that would make the Beaute La Royale Brush  even better is to have more settings than On/Off. It only needs more speed options to be perfect!

Disclaimer: I received the above products free from Beaute La Royale
for the purpose of providing a review of my experience.

Our Skin Cleansing System Can:

• Cleanse the skin 10x better than hand washing
• Removes all traces of makeup, sweat, oil, and dirt
• Prevents blemishes and unclogs your pores
• Massages your skin
• Stimulates new skin regeneration
• Exfoliates dead skin cells
• Decreases wrinkles and fine lines
• Treats and prevents acne
• Prevents and treats acne scars
• Removes blackheads

Includes a free cosmetics bag.