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Affordable Way to Store / Organize Makeup

June 14, 2017 by Ronda

For years I have been hoarding old makeup. I got rid of a lot of them and still have a lot. While organizing the ones I had that I planned to keep, in addition to new purchases, I realized I needed another organizer.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

I already had the purple, but it was overflowing with makeup, so I placed another order for Home Expressions' 22-Pocket Hanging Organizer . As you can see, it holds everything. Now I can see exactly what I have so I can prevent my other issue...buying the same items over and over. I have a couple of duplicates in this collection, some I've given away to my mother.

Affordable Way to Store / Organize Makeup -
If you have a vanity and/or no one telling you your makeup is hogging a lot of space, check out the terrific and durable makeup organizers mentioned below. If you have lots of makeup like I do, don't expect it to hold everything unless you purchase more than one. Also, if you buy multiple, consider where you will be keeping it. I personally have two. One is collecting dust in my center bathroom cabinet since I prefer to keep my his and her countertops as bare as possible. Toothbrush holders, Water piks and other necessities are already occupying space.

If you do have a lot of makeup, you can use these to store the items you use most often, and keep hanging organizers for the others!