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Ronda Manzo - Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate - Real Estate Agent in Port St Lucie, FL

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Facts Of My Life:

- I like clean spaces and have been called anal when someone makes a mess.

- I prefer fashion jewelry over fine jewelry! But, I won't turn down a diamond!

- I am a coupon clipper, and can make magic happen with a $20 bill.

- I love to travel, as long as it doesn't include a plane ride over 5 hours long.

- I save my husband a lot of money, proving the "cheaper to keep her" saying true!

- I'm tired of writing about me. Please read my opinionated blog and have a blessed day!

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Need content for your web site or blog? If we write about similar topics, I would love to produce a post for your business website or blog. If you have a suggestion for a post or would like to create a post to be displayed on, feel free to email me with your ideas! Prices vary and all links will be nofollow ONLY!
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Kids activities, family, home and household goods, makeup and beauty, style, or other subjects that have been blogged about.
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People who search for information on the web are seeking information on a specific product and want the truth. Investing in an HONEST blog post is cost effective and lasts forever. A newspaper ad only lasts as long as the glance someone gives it (if any).

Paid blog posts will start at $250 or more depending on the requirements. Some products require using for a specified period of time before determining whether or not it is a product I would consider a "hit" or "miss" for my readers. Some products require photos and input from others (my family). Yes, even my children will be compensated for their time!

Please note, I will NOT recommend any product I have not tried or product I dislike. I only provide honest reviews. If you have a product you would like me to review and it fits the theme of this blog, please send me the information by email. Once we agree on terms, I will provide a mailing address where you can send the product. If you would like for me to provide an honest review, but do not want the review publicized, let me's an option! I also offer honest reviews on for products I have tried.

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